Ms. M Lynde's 2010-2011 syllabus

Technology Use in M. Lynde's class

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Wednesdays after school I will be conducting sessions on study tips and tricks. I plan on discussing how to skim and scan a text successfully, how to take meaningful notes, how to effectively outline, as well as discussing effective writing strategies. I will take suggestions from students as to what will serve them well. I encourage all to attend and will require some students to specifically attend. Bring your own snack but we will be getting right to work!
If you can't make it but want the tips then check out the page on the left labeled Tips and Tricks

ANNOUNCEMENT: Ms. M. Lynde's twitter page can be found at This service provides an alternative way of receiving homework and announcement reminders. The same information will be provided on the class Google calendar as found on The advantage of a tweet is that the information can be received as a text message for a mobile device. Some students may find this a beneficial alternative. Directions to sign up and receive the tweet are as follows:
Go to
Click join
Sign up – this creates a twitter account under your name.
Your new twitter page is displayed.
Upper right corner is a green 1 which means you are following 1 person –me.
Next step –click your done.
Confirm your twitter account via your email account.
By confirming you should be automatically returned to your twitter page.
Click settings tab in upper right corner.
Click mobile tab under your settings.
Enter your phone number for text reminders of announcements and homework. (make sure you have a text unlimited phone service)

Good websites for review or to clarify what you may not understand

Documents and Videos used in this Technology Unit

To access the site:

Mrs. Lynde's Writing Rules!
I am offering a Writing Workshop to help students achieve that level of clear, concise communication and well supported critical analysis which is a hallmark of academic success and an increasingly important key ingredient in the work force. I have included the documentation here as an aid.

Want a clear explanation of the credit crisis?

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.