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Great new SAT prep as seen on CNN

Ten technologies you will need for the first year of college:

Help! I Have To Write An Essay and I Don't Have A Clue Where To Begin! This is a fantastic easy trick to get yourself organized.

The key to writing a great essay (and receiving a high grade from the teacher) is to have a bold thesis statement. It gives you something to write about and it interests the reader. So exactly how do you write a strong, interesting thesis statement?

A fantastic one-stop shopping site with easy to use tips and tricks. Check out the how to stop procrastinating for useful tips!
The ultimate how-to-study resource

Quizlet the end of flashcards! Fantastic flashcard site- popular with the college and AP set but still easy enough for anyone to use. Go ahead and start making your own digital library!

Just can't understand the text? How do you tell what is important and what is not?
Make no mistake! The most important step is to scan through the reading and READ THE HEADERS! Don't skip those! They point the direction of what you will be reading. Try this handing simple tool to get a grip on tough text reading.

Cornell Notes. The best notetaking system ever invented! The accepted, successful way to take notes - used in most colleges!
Download a lined template here Download a blank template here

Difficulty in starting that essay? Use these layouts to get your ideas organized and laid out -then the writing is a snap! Remember - use direct, active tenses.
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I have found an excellent site for tips on how to effectively study and learn

Here is a link for a free downloadable PowerPoint viewer - you won't be able to create PowerPoint shows but you should be able to view the PowerPoint notes as found on this site. Should you have difficulty go to Microsoft Download Center and search for PowerPoint viewer.

In addition Open Source software offers compatible and free software applications similar to Microsoft Office applications. Visit or search under words such as, "Open Source Software"

The following sites offer excellent "top ten" tips for organization, study skills, memorization tricks. Try any one tip and you'll see success.

And, because I believe there might be more to life than social studies, I am including a top ten simple math tricks list

For all the geek folks like myself here is a fast-paced, four minute video creatively illustrating the Web 2.0 applications and what they can offer us today