GODWIN Community Service Information:

As always you would be well advised to begin with the guidance office but I will post other opportunities as they come my way:

Math Opportunities

First Freedom Center; situated here in Richmond, VA.
A first-semester national essay and video contest. It offers high-school students an opportunity to compete for $2,500 awards as they examine the history and current-day relevance of religious freedom, and then, by written essay or video production, present their evaluation.


Bill of Rights Institute
The Contest asks students to explore the question: “Discuss how the Constitution establishes and maintains a culture of liberty”. Essayists are asked to analyze and discuss:
- How one of the Founding principles established in the Constitution helps preserve liberty

- Why at least one Founder, as evidenced in a primary source document, believed their chosen principle was a safeguard to liberty

- Why the principle is important today

- How they personally have helped preserve a culture of unalienable rights, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in America
Students with the top essays in each of the five contest regions will receive $1,000 in cash and you, Molly, as the sponsoring teacher, will receive $100 for each of your students who place in the contest.
For more information, the complete prize structure and resources to help students write their essays – visit the Contest website: www.BillofRightsInstitute.org/contest