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A daily reminder of the art and craft of teaching

I recommend this article from a recent issue of the UVA magazine. I’m not endorsing Willingham; I just think the article is worth reading.
One Amazon review for the book named in the article’s opening sentence listed nine principles that Willingham thinks are important:
1. People are naturally curious, but they are not naturally good thinkers.

2. Factual knowledge precedes skill.

3. Memory is the residue of thought.

4. We understand new things in the context of things we already know.

5. Proficiency requires practice.

6. Cognition is fundamentally different early and late in training.

7. Children are more alike than different in terms of learning.

8. Intelligence can be changed through sustained hard work.

9. Teaching, like any complex cognitive skill, must be practiced to be improved.


1. November 7, 2010. Hey, someone noticed. I was referenced on the web:

2. May 3, 2011 Henrico Libraries Honored
In collaboration with Mills E. Godwin High School librarians Susan Little and Darien Fisher-Duke, we developed a WWII, primary source, hear-the -voices-of-the-past lesson plan, which was modeled to the national review committee who visited Mills E. Godwin as part of the competition which Henrico libraries won. The research link utilized by the students, developed by Mrs. Little, Mrs. Fisher-Duke, is

3. Successfully submitted and was recognized for numerous lesson plans in Henrico county's digital lesson library Henrico21

4. Voicethread: What a great tool. My lesson plan which resides in Voicethread library

Workshops and Presentations

Henrico County Schools, October 9, 2009

Metropolitan Educational Research Consortium October 15, 2009

Blog used in AP Government 2009-2010

Professional Development
2005 Intel Certified Training, Currituck, NC
2005 Freshman Seminar, John Hopkins University
2005 Model Schools National Conference, Daytona, FL
2006 National Board Certified Teacher, AYA Social Studies.
2006 National Humanities Center. Chapel Hill Center.
2006. Religion and American Culture. Adventures in Ideas. University of North Carolina.
2007 Advanced Placement U.S. History. Wake Forest University.
2007. SAS curriculum pathways. Currituck, NC
2007 World Empires. University of North Carolina.
2008 Currituck Early High School Design Board, Currituck, NC
2008 First Amendment Rights, First Freedom Center, Richmond, VA
2009 Advanced Placement U.S. Government. William and Mary University.
2009 National Endowment of the Humanities. Bill of Rights. Mount Vernon, VA
2009 Gilder Lehrman. Digital History. New York City, NY
2009 International Society of Technology Educators. Washington, DC
2009 TTHIGH, Currituck, NC
2010 Cold War Institute, Richmond, VA
2010 Federal Reserve, A Conversation with the Chairman, Richmond, VA and Washington, DC
2011 VCU Foundation in Economics - 3 credit hours. A great course with Ms. Suzanne Gallagher.
2011 Gilder Lehrman. University of Richmond with President Edward Ayers. The South in American History. Richmond, Va.
2012 Foundation for Teaching Economics, Virginia Council on Economic Education. Institute on the Environment and the Economy. Irvington, Va
2012 National Endowment for the Humanities. American Identity, Immigrant Culture, and Food at the New York Public Library.

Professional Profile

Eager to bring students into the twenty-first century using a unique combination of education experience and technology expertise coupled with fifteen years business background in catering/event management and restaurant ownership.
  • National Board Certified Teacher, 2006
  • Certified Advanced Placement Teacher in U.S. History
  • John Hopkins University Certified Teacher of Freshman Seminar
  • Intel Certified Master Teacher with noteworthy experience in vast array of technological systems and methods including Web 2.0 applications such as blogs, wikipages, and podcasting.
  • Dedicated to enthusiastic and dynamic teaching, especially team teaching, as a means of creating a lifelong love of learning in students

Education, Honors, and Certifications

Advanced Placement Certified Teacher
Wake Forest University, 2007
William and Mary University, 2009

National Board Certified Teacher
Adolescent/Young Adults in Social Studies, 2006

Certified N.C. and VA. Teaching License
Highly Qualified Classification Level 83
Elizabeth City State, 2002

Bachelors of Arts
History and Foreign Affairs
University of Virginia, 1985

Key Qualifications
  • Highly skilled in technology. Intel certified. Mac and PC. Extensive webpage
  • I am well versed in Web 2.0 processes, Microsoft applications, Mac applications,open-source software, wikipages, video and screen casting, podcasting, unitedstreaming.etc.

Student Led Projects:
  • Developed numerous student led projects for former school Currituck High School, N.C.
  • Currently developing cross curricular activities in English and in Technology classes for current position at Godwin High School, Richmond, Va
Advanced Placement United States History:
  • Audited and approved curriculum design
  • Curriculum paired with AP English Language Arts that generates a more critical thinking and thematic approach to the class.
  • This teaching strategy facilitates learning environments that engage, challenge, and support student success
Advanced Placement Government:
  • Audited and approved curriculum design

Freshman Academy:
  • 2004 Ground floor member creating the Freshman Academy at Currituck County
High School.
  • Led team creation of curriculum design, community/parent public relations materials,
behavior and academic action plans
  • Created and implemented post secondary field trips for the entire 9th grade class
involving integrated written reflections as well as future peer mentorship.
Freshman Seminar:
  • Lead teacher establishing community and school awareness of the purpose of this John Hopkins University course designed to enable students to be more successful in their high school experience.
  • I put a face to this program for our staff by conducting weekly “what we are doing now” communications, orientation sessions for all staff, curriculum redesign, as well as establishing community/parent newsletters
  • Formalized the institution of Student–Led Conferences within this program
  • Collaborated closely with John Hopkins liaison in their adoption of these Student-Led Conferences into the official program of the University.

Curriculum Design
  • Designed the feeder World History curriculum (not state-tested in N.C.) to better support state-tested Civics and U.S. History courses in Currituck, N.C.
  • Created and received state approval for Honors U.S. History and Honors World History curriculum.

Junior Historians
  • 2004 Won state competition creating oral histories and written records of our Jarvisburg Colored School. The histories as well as an accurate Jarvisburg school model were placed in the county Public Library system
  • 2005 Poplar Branch archeological dig with the N.C. Archeological Association and East Carolina University.
  • 2006 With the local Ruritan Club, assisted in the management of the Vietnam Moving Wall presented to the entire school system as well as the local community. Research was conducted into the histories of five local soldiers who served during in Vietnam and student-guided tours where conducted.

Debate Team
  • Sponsor of Mills Godwin High School Debate team. Participation in Lincoln-Douglas style of debate.