World History II digital textbook

Want to learn 3D animation? check this out - it is free!

Vocabulary fun

Current Events in rap

Some current interesting sites I'm investigating:
Spaaze - infinite ways to visually organize information
Linoit- online stickies
stixty - another cool collaboration site cool web site for online brainstorming

One stop shopping - wiki for tech tools. Very nicely laid out.

Thank goodness Tom Barrett has created a one stop technology site. All of the following come from his ed tech blog.

This year's Edutopia Top Ten (always a fantastic resource) 2010-2011

A great site to discover all this fun is Why not just use the RSS feed and have it come to you?

Wordle can be found at

Those phone polls?

The microblogging site?

Great collaborative sites: (go to docs) or or www.zoho.comor

A great post it site:

Want to make these cool web recordings? and/or

Check out A sweet little application you can embed in blogs and wikis for students to have a quick check on plagiarism.

Wiki Mind Map is a resource for visually exploring Wikipedia. Wiki Mind Map is essentially a search engine for Wikipedia articles that uses the Google Wonder Wheel concept. Enter a search term into Wiki Mind Map and it will generate a web of links to Wikipedia articles about your chosen search term. Wiki Mind Map will also include related search terms within your web. This could be especially helpful in students are trying to decide in which direction a research paper should go.

Glogster - a web based poster site. Add video clips, links to other sites, and cool graphics for a fact based view of the world. Data and statistics have never been this fun! for all the cool, thought-provoking videos, topics, and people in Technology, Education, and Design

Stuff You Missed in History Class is a great podcast - cool, hip stuff you don't always here in class

VoiceThread Do's and Don'ts (created by Bill Ferriter)

Free - Large As You Like - Posters

I encourage you to use the not copyrighted images found on creative commons sites (listed below) but will take any image and print it on 8x11" paper which you can piece together (like a puzzle) for the largest poster you would like.

How to download and convert videos from Utube and place them in a PowerPoint.

There are lots of resources for this item and it is different for a Mac rather than a PC but give it a try! There are lots of ways to do this and they are explained in the powerpoint explanation below but one short way is
go to and post the url from the utube video and upload.They will convert (you want .wmv for a PC or .mov for Mac quicktime) and they send you a link via email. Fairly reliable stuff.

Edutopia Top Ten Technology Tricks 2009-2010
Horizon Report on the Future of Technology K12