Academic Year 2009-2010 is below.

THE LAST ASSIGNMENT: Students will finish the year watching though provoking movies. Permission slips have been distributed and MUST be signed and returned by June 2nd. The assignment is here

Everything you forgot about the absolute monarchies and the English Civil War

Review document for mock SOL (to figure out where your weaknesses are)

Standards Review Worksheets (used Mon May 17 through Wed May 19 in class)
and and

DOWNLOAD THIS PowerPoint review

DOWNLOAD this PDF document to review


Virginia standards which you should know

PAY ATTENTION TO THIS: This SOL counts as an exam grade.
A mere 50 point score on the SOL will bring a 77 to your score! What a easy and strong boost to your GPA.
Think what could happen with easy points scored in the 80 points range. It would raise your GPA a great deal!
You CAN do it!

All the End of Unit Review Sheets used in this class

CURRENT UNIT Cold War (to begin Apr 29)

The "sandwich" sheets - there are quite a few! and and and

THE POWERPOINT REVIEW AND WORKSHEET used in class Thursday 5-13 and

My Powerpoint presentation - its missing a few cool videos and such but that was the only way I could get it posted here....still good to read /view especially for the Vietnam war

Thur Apr 29: The Cold War timeline. Students are to research and provide brief descriptions of each event as a road map to studying this unit.

Fri Apr 30: Site offering summary of Cold War

4th Period assigned students to the self-paced pod - Directives for self-paced Cold War

4th Period standard students This is the work worth 8 points extra credit on your test May 14th! Mind Mapping Exercise

4th Period standard students 5-11-2010 With a partner read the following two articles and and each one of you must turn in a written summary of what the other one said
1. America's New Role in the World After the Cold War
2. Who Really Won the Cold war?

5th Period explanation and directions on Interactive Notebooks
5th Period peer check list of interactive notebooks

5th Period 5-12-2010 Summary of two articles:
With a partner read the following two articles and and each one of you must turn in a written summary of what the other one said
1. America's New Role in the World After the Cold War
2. Who Really Won the Cold war?

5th Period Worksheet Cold War Review and Cold War Review PowerPoint

5th Period sample cover external image moz-screenshot.pngISN_Cassutto.jpg
5th Period peer end of unit reflection of interactive notebooks

5th Period Teacher checklist for notebooks due on Fri May 14


6th period virtual museum directions and rubric

6th period virtual museum topic assignments (new as of 4/29 so David is included)

6th period virtual museum site

6th period reflection prompt at end of this assignment
6th period basic Cold War powerpoint and worksheet

7th period altered book assignment

7th period altered book team evaluation and individual reflection


Worksheet covering the origins of the Cold War. Textbook chp 31 section 2

MARSHALL PLAN 5th period INB worksheet on the Marshall Plan

CHINA GOES COMMUNIST worksheet covering textbook chp 32 section 2

KOREA Korean writing prompt
Involvement in the Korean War chart
Korean War primary documents to be used with the chart

U2 INCIDENT tweets worksheet used in 5th period

BERLIN WALL directions for Interactive Notebook Berlin Wall and Cuban Missile Crisis assignment

INDEPENDENCE MOV'T INDIA AND AFRICA worksheet covering textbook chp 31 sect 2

VIETNAM Five Photos of Vietnam
Vietnam: How Did the U.S. Get Involved
Vietnam: U.S. Involvement Facts
CURRENT ISSUES Weapons - A Current Issue


The "sandwich sheets" i.e. What You Should Know and The Grand Review and
Monday April 19th: used in class: Appeasement Worksheet and and the Hitler -Get It Ordered worksheet
Monday April 26th: homework is to put in order each event and provide quick little illustrations of each event.

ABSENT STUDENTS April 15-April 18
Change of plans as of 4/15
Read to answer Read to Discover questions p. 786, #1-3 on p. 790,
Make time to spend with Ms. Lynde- there was an open book/note test on the InterWar Years given on Thur 4/15. You may not take this home but will need to schedule time (after or before school?) to take this open test in my class.

Have a lovely Spring Break



Students will complete a multi-layered assignment in groups. This assignment will count as a test grade and will be due April 13th. Presentations will be made. Group listings are here: Assignment directions are here: Rubric is here:
Brief lecture presentations will be posted.
Resources for In Between Wars Assignment
to . Sign in with student engine7surface. Using the quick launch type in #600 to read Mussolini’s What Is Fascism

Go to Sign in with student engine7surface. Using the quick launch type in #1295. Listen to the oral discussion on Hitler.Take the quiz.

Go to . Sign in with student engine7surface. Using the quick launch type in #194. Use the resources to complete the task on Japanese aggression in between the wars.

UNIT: World War I

March 25 -a simple study guide for World War I

March 22 Period 6 Cover It Live

March 22 - rubric for glogster Homework 1-4 on p 717 and on p 723

March 17 - homework p 710 1-4 and to complete all 4 tasks and the extension on the posted document on the Battle of Somme
March 12: homework due Monday 3/15 - Long term causes of World War I and the map


A great visual Screen_shot_2010-03-11_at_March-11-10.130._.png

PowerPoint as used on class - FOR DOWNLOADING

March 11- remember, a well crafted study guide turned in before the test will earn extra credit (likely 4 points)

March 10 an examination of etiquette
Homework: Focus questions and terms on China

March 9th - 7th period - access ppt on US Imperialism here (download to computer and view- take notes) then answer the focus questions and terms as found in the box on the first page of this document on Imperialism in Japan

March 8th- Micro blog and seminar on Ruyard Kipling's White Man's Burden and an examination of H.T. Johnson's Black Man's Burden
Log into your corresponding class. Homework is to answer the focus questions and define the terms as found in the box on the front page of imperialism Latin America

March 5th examination of the concept of White Man's Burden password is rock7seem. Launch 598

March 4th the npr comment on fashionable headscarves in Turker

Feb 25th SAS examination of primary documents about Africa and Imperialism. Go to password is rock7seem

Feb 23rd - examination of What You Should Know: Imperialism using our CoverItLive Microblog.
Homework for Feb 23rd is to read this PDF file on Africa, define the terms, and answer the box questions

Other worksheets, materials, readings to be used in this unit on Imperialism
What you should know "sandwich" sheet
File Not Found
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and the end "sandwich" sheet

Feb. 22nd:Short lesson on new ways of thinking due to the Industrial Revolution.

Worksheet to accompany this lesson (Feb. 22)
PowerPoint for viewing: DOWNLOAD here
Or view below.
Music to accompany.
Beethoven Moonlight-movement1

Tchaikovsky Sugar Plum Fairy

PowerPoint to view

Feb. 18th: INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION Showcase page.

We'll begin with a handout of the ending "sandwich" review sheet

Your task is to review your own work and the work of any three peers as found on the Industrial Revolution showcase page. Use the handout as found here. This work is to be turned in at the end of class.

We'll use our phone polls.

Homework is to put your thinking caps on and complete the following Summary Triangle.

Our Microblogging Class Lecture On Thursday Feb 11th.

Period 7

The "sandwich sheets" we use to begin and end the unit and

Intro Notes (Feb 4)

Understanding Effects (Homework Feb 4)

A general summary for student use

A primary document (given out Feb 11- due Feb 12) on child labor

Two good brief reviews and

Review of Industrial Rev

Downloadable version

PROJECT/RUBRIC TEST instructions and rubric. Due Feb 16th. Early Bird due Feb 12th
PROJECT SELF/PEER EVALUATION worksheet for in class use Feb 16th

PROJECT SUMMARY to be used on class Feb 18th- Summarization Triangle

TO CREATE YOUR PHOTO ESSAY Try PhotoStory which is already installed on your laptop OR try OR try



Electronic flashcards, games, etc. to review at Quizlet link. The sign is Mlynde and the password is 09ideas

Jeopardy PowerPoint Reviews
TK's version
DM's version
CH's version
MK's version

A great "dump" of topics you should know -
Those Grand Review "sandwich" sheets given at the end of each unit. These are great study guides. Know every word!


The VoiceThread comments instructions are here: the link to the VoiceThread

Our group reflection on whether arts inspire events or events inspire arts

Revolutionary Ideas, Changes in Great Britain, Unification of Germany and Italy. (textbook Chapter 25 section 1-3)

The "sandwich sheets" we use to begin and end the unit and

Oddballs -details of earlier 1848 Reforms and Rebellions (used Jan 14) and

TIME LINE - to keep your organized. Used for classwork Jan 14

Worksheets 25.1, 25.2, and 25.3 used in class Mon Jan 11
Worksheet to be used with class lecture on Tues Jan 12 - have to get that one in class as it seems unsuccessful when I upload it.

Helpful Brief Notes on the Unification of Italy
Terms and short answers worksheet used in class Thursday Jan 14
PowerPoints to supplement your understanding (NOTE: You will have to know the changes in Great Britian especially regarding the abolition of slavery- That information is not found in the PowerPoints. It can be found in your text and in the notes we reviewed in class on Tues.) Download the PowerPoint here: OR you can try to access this flipchart

After Napoleon and the Latin Independence Mov'ts

this unit uses the text 21.5. Note test for all World History classes on Fri 1/8/10
The After Napoleon flipchart is found in SchoolSpace
The sandwich notes we use: the What You Should Know and the Big Unit Review
Summary notes worksheet

The exit ticket which will be used in period 5,6,and 7

The powerpoint used in class

4th period Wikispace work (due Wed 1/6- end of day)

A cross curricular examination of Revolutions and the Art that inspires them

French Revolution, and Napoleon.

The notes (usually in colored paper) which we use to introduce and summarize the unit - "the sandwich"
Review Document to study by at the end of this unit. Use it review as we go which will really cement the knowledge!
Due day before the test

NOTE: If you are confused or need further information for your notes go to the textbook chp 21


Review worksheets - those long fill-in-the-blank ones...

and the answers
and the answers
The videos to accompany these worksheets can be found at

Review/Study Guide given out Wed. Dec 9th-due on Dec 15th

Study Items for Review
Review Document given due Tues Dec 15
As used in class on Tuesday Dec. 15
and and

Further review items

Classmates have created a quizlet series of reviews. Go to

Go to these sites to take a short quiz on the French Revolution!!!

If you need more information, there is a site that breaks down the information thoroughly like the movie:

NEW UNIT England's Glorious Revolution, Scientific Revolution, and the Enlightenment

Flashcards (or some similar format - just get teacher approval) due Wed. 11/25
Worksheet on Pt 1 of Glorious Revolution in England (20.1 in the text)

Worksheet on Pt 2 of Glorious Revolution in England (20.2 in the text)

Grand Review sheet for this unit and the other great review document

Try this review link

Class presentations in downloadable format - same as presentations embedded below
and and
Presentations used in class on this unit
England - Glorious Revolution

Scientific Revolution


NEW UNIT The Age of Absolutism

THE POWERPOINT USED TO COVER THE MATERIAL IN THIS UNIT. It is the same one as the 4 powerpoints I asked you to download for notes which are listed under the date of November the 2nd.

November 18th

November 17th
Grand Review
Due in class that Review sheet given out Monday Nov 9th
November 16th

November 13th
Meet the Press activity
essay prompt for Monday Nov16th
great tools to use to layout your writing
and and





November 12th
Meet the Press activity SAS Curriculum pathways 2nd Type in 1117 in the upper right corner search box. The title is Meet the Press

November 11th
SAS Curriculum pathways 2nd Type in 884 in the upper right corner search box. The title is Trial of Charles I

November 10th
More on England

November 9th
Turn in flashcard assignment of Fri Nov. 6th
Austria Prussia
England - See embedded power point
Review activities worksheet due Nov. 17th

November 6th
SAS Curriculum pathways 2nd
Password is engine7surface
Type in 187 in the upper right corner search box. The title is What Made Catherine So Great.
o *don’t do the “homework/poster” piece of the Catherine the Great worksheet

Homework is to make good flashcards of the following people. Use our text or the embedded Absolutism powerpoint found below to complete the flashcards.

1) Louis XIV of France
2) Peter the Great of Russia
3) Catherine the Great of Russia
4) Maria Theresa of Austria
5) Frederick the Great of Prussia
6) Elizabeth I of England
7) Phillip II of Spain

November 5th
Peter the Great reading and

November 4th
SAS Curriculum pathways 2nd Type in 593 in the upper right corner search box. The title is Ambassadors Report From Versailles

November 2nd
The Basic WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW document that we use to begin each unit

The fill in notes given as homework on Monday Nov. 2nd

Brief Intro to Age of Absolutism

A quick movie view of Louis XIV's Palace of Versailles in France

Day in the Life of Versailles PowerPoint used in class

Day in the Life Activity as assigned by teacher in class
or or website

The PowerPoints on Absolutism as used in class. If possible, print these off in a "3 on a page" slide format for more effective notetaking in class
and and and


Monday Oct. 19th
Your basic WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW introduction document
The story begins with the year 1453 and the fall of Constantinople (Eastern Roman or Byzantine Empire) to the Ottoman Turks who will rule the area until 1923.

Who was Suleyman the Magnificent? We viewed this introductory presentation and watched a united streaming video. Students answered discussion questions and using an Eastern Hemisphere Map they marked the Ottoman Empire as well as trade routes. They finished with a summary analysis of "What made the Ottoman Empire the crossroads of trade and culture between Europe and Asia?"

Tuesday Oct. 20- Tuesday Oct. 27
Period 4 and 5 project instructions -

Period 6 and 7 wiki page research project instructions

Groups per class - note names in parenthesis might be given individual assignments due to missed classes

Period 7 Your wikispaces address is
Period 6 Your wikispaces address is

All classes and all students will turn in individual dossiers on other teams' productions. Use the class handout map as well as these prompts to complete each dossier

Wednesday Oct 28
turn in individual dossiers. Complete identification worksheet.

Notes Given in Class

Thursday Oct 29 - quiz
Friday Oct 30- test on Asian and Islamic Empires in transition as well as broad concepts found in the explorers and the first age of global trade.
Homework read pp 454-458 and respond to "read to discover" question, define, and identify as found in left column on p 454.


October 9 - Friday
testing on Unit 2 Reformation. Homework is to complete the foldable maps by next Tues the 14th.

Tuesday October 13-Friday October 16
Students will take notes on the explorers using the ppt and the student notes worksheet. Most importantly their test grade will be on a mind map of the explorers. Information and samples will be given on Tuesday. Students may begin this process right away- in class- or they may recap each night using the student notes worksheet. Either way the final mind map is due on Friday Oct 16th and if students wait until that one mere class time to begin and end their mind map they will find themselves severely short of the needed time to create a high quality finished product.
NOTE- due to popular request: Early Bird option is offered on the mind map - if you turn it in by end of class on Thur you will get 10 extra points!
The Mind Map explanation and directions:

The unit beginning and ending pieces - the What You Should Know and REVIEW document are included here for exam study aid (color copies of these documents will be given out in class)

The student notes worksheet :
The Explorers Ppt as a downloadable version:

Friday October 16th
Mind map turned in
Students completed quick general worksheet on economic terms of the Commercial Revolution as part of the Explorer's Era


NOTE- This was to be homework on 9/29 but time did not permit. This will not be collected for a grade but should you need further information to understand the foundations of what caused the Reformation, you would do well to check out the powerpoint on problems in the Catholic Church as listed below

downloadable version of ppt
NOTE_ Wednesday Sept 30th- the technology gods were not kind today and class activities were reorganized.
Students were informed a Renaissance Review study guide, created by them, and turned in by Friday Oct 2nd will garner a Renaissance test grade raised to an 85.
There was no homework for this evening.

NOTE- due to poor performance on Renaissance test students have opportunity to bring grade up to 85 if they complete a well organized and detailed study guide on the Renaissance and turn it in by Friday Oct. 2nd.

Thursday Oct. 1st - The story of Luther. Students would be wise to begin making comprehensive notes or reviews of this material.

downloadable version of ppt

Friday Oct 2nd- Expansion of Reformation
NOTE- if the VoiceThread task is still an obstacle to you please access the following directions and complete the task NO LATER THAN 6 p.m. Sunday Oct. 4th

downloadable version of ppt

Monday Oct 5 - Religious Wars - Thirty Years War

Tuesday Oct 6 - Age of Religious Wars

Wednesday Oct 7 - England, Anglican Church, Henry VIII, Acts of Supremacy

downloadable version of ppt

Thursday Oct. 7 - Review and Religious Wars

Final review document to finish this unit

GRAND REVIEW (test will only be on Reformation)

Friday Oct. 10th - TEST

Week Sept 21-25, 2009
The following information was used in class on Monday Sept. 21st and contains our technology unit.

Voice Thread assignment due Friday 9/25. Register at then use this link to comment

Class Seminars on Machiavelli's The Prince- Does the End Justify the Means?

The following blogging events occurred in classes on Thursday September 24, 2009.
Please click on the window that is labeled with your class period to view the event.

Period 4

Period 5

Period 6

Period 7

Unit 2 Renaissance Materials

Week Sept 14-18,2009
Due Sept 14th use the following web site to complete the assigned world religion chart.

What You Should Know document on World Religions should be in your notebook
Respond to Monday's primary resource examination
Similar powerpoint used in class to check chart knowledge
complete world religions map religions-map.jpg
Homework: none

Tuesday Sept 15 - respond to daily primary document examination
examine school religious recognition policies
Introduction of religious paradox project. Due Friday Sept 18th but early bird special (extra points) due Thursday Sept 17th end of class
Discussion: how do I begin?
Homework: none

Wednesday Sept 16th
daily examination of primary resource document
project work but distinct, written Plan of Action due at end of class
Homework: none

Thursday Sept 17th
daily examination of primary resource
project work
early birds may turn in at end of class
Homework: religious paradox project due tomorrow at beginning of class. Peer review of notebook organization tomorrow - get that notebook organized tonight!

Friday Sept 18th
daily examination of primary resource
turn in project
peer review of notebook organization
self reflection on project
Homework: begin reading packet on Renaissance

Opening Week: Sept 8-Sept. 11th: We will be focusing on course curriculum documents such as the syllabus, organization, behavioral expectations and responsibilities and maps. Next week we will begin a short section on World Religions and by Sept. 21st we should be in our first major unit; The Renaissance and The Reformation. As noted above, the syllabus and basic documents can be found on the page titled World History Extras.

Materials for the map section can be found here:
Due Sept 10th - compete the map identification handout given in class today

Class discussion point: Maps: It is all in the perspective

Items below this line are from prior years of course material and are organized in a reverse chronological pattern.

Period 1 Last thing! Use the following prompt to respond to the VoiceThread on the Cold War
Thank you for your participation in our Cold War website. This VoiceThread is the platform for your reflections about this project. Please respond in your VoiceThread avatar to the following 4 prompts:

1. Two positive comments about your collaborator; consider their work ethic, promptness, interpersonal and communication skills.
2. Offer one friendly critique such as: “you might want to ….next time consider….”
3. Speak as to what grade you think you deserve and one brief statement as to why you think you deserve that particular grade
4. Lastly, finish the following statement: “For the next collaboration a good (Positive) idea would be to….”

You may reach this VoiceThread at this address Cold War VoiceThread

Please Note- due to excessive delay in making up absent work all students are hereby notified they are expected to make up their work within 3 days of return unless other specific, written, and signed plans are made.

5TH AND 6TH PERIOD WORLD HISTORY CLASSES: Final paper-project will be due June 3rd though the traditional early bird special applies. Please see attached directions page. Announcements and further details will be made in class after SOLs.

End of Year Activities May 26- June 5
Tuesday May 26th
Period 1 will watch Pleasantville to analyze messages of tolerance
Period 5 and 6 will begin research project work with visit to library

Wednesday May 27th
Period 1 will continue with Tolerance issues
Period 5 and 6 - project

Thursday May 28th
Period 1 will continue with Tolerance issues - including researching and writing about a current issue of tolerance
Period 5 and 6 - project

Friday May 29th
Period 1 will finish Tolerance issues
Period 5 and 6 project

Monday June 1
Period 1 - Genocide
Period 5 and 6 - Big 3 themes of World History and Current Issues

Tuesday June 2
Period 1 - Genocide
Period 5 and 6 - Big 3 themes of World History and Current Issues

Wednesday June 3
Period 1 - - commenting on issues of Tolerance
Period 5 and 6 - project due.

Time is slipping away so all posted agendas are subject to daily changes as we move towards our successful SOLs.

May 4th - May 16th. The Cold War, Independence Mov'ts, and Reviews
Please note new updates as of 05/05/09 listed below
WHII.12 The student will demonstrate knowledge of major events and outcomes of the Cold
War by
a) explaining key events of the Cold War, including the competition between the American and Soviet economic and political systems and the causes of the collapse of communism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe;
b) assessing the impact of nuclear weaponry on patterns of conflict and cooperation since 1945;
c) describing conflicts and revolutionary movements in eastern Asia, including those in China and Vietnam, and their major leaders, i.e., Mao Tse-tung (Zedong), Chiang Kai-shek
Summary sheet

Period 1 Cold War Project. These students will be working on their projects from May 4th-May 8th with final project due May 12th. Early bird specials (additional 20%) will be applied if turned in on Monday May 11th.
The SimplyBox site for your research can be reached from this link SimplyBox on Cold War
Massive amounts of material including numerous videos available on SchoolSpace under Cold War - Cold War Worksheets and Extras
Period 1 - Turn it in instructions require class id # and password. It is 2708522 and coldwar.

You also need to complete the self evaluation sheet

And provide all elements as found on the project checklist i.e. MLA citation page -- work log documenting communication to check accuracy with Webpage design class.
Project instructions:
beginning May 11th students in Period 1 will be following schedule as dictated in dates below

Periods 5 and 6 Cold War

Wednesday May 6th
complete human history chain in Cold War
each class will create a 10 question quiz for the other class
Homework: none but be prepared for tomorrow's quiz

Thursday May 7th
Practice SOL Nav test
Homework: none

Friday May 8th
Ppt on Independence mov'ts in India and Africa
students complete fill in notes
Students assigned either Kenyatta, Ghandi, or Mandela questions to answer via website addresses
Homework: complete assigned questions


Monday May 11th
Period 1 will begin coverage of Independence mov'ts in Africa and India with fill in notes and ppt
Periods 5 and 6 will complete, analyze, and review Kenyatta, Ghandi, or Mandela
Periods 5 and 6 will prepare to present to classmates
Homework: Period 5 and 6 compete presentation if necessary. Period 1 will have paper and all components ready within the first 5 minutes of class tomorrow Tues the 12th - no printing in class!

Tuesday May 12th
SOL Exam View preview/trail run
Homework: none though Period 5 and 6 will present their Kenyatta, Ghandi, and Mandela tomorrow

Wednesday May 13th
Presentations of Kenyatta, Ghandi, and Mandela. By students for Period 5 and 6. By teacher for Period 1
Homework: none

Thursday May 14th
review of SOLs trail tests and other tests
homework: highlight and review first 5 of 15 review pages

More Review Documents

Friday May 15th
review of review pages 1-5
further review of pages 6-10
homework: highlight important review on pages 11-15

Monday May 16th
Homework: get at least 45 minutes of physical exercise - take the dog for a walk! Take your mom or dad on a walk! - then breathe, review your materials one last time. Make small flashcards of any remaining concepts you feel weakest on. Review those cards one time. Put the cards down and try to recite/repicture them in your mind. Then brush your teeth and get a good nights sleep.

prior dated material.
Tuesday April 21st – WWII and the Cold War Begins
Warm Up exercise- prediction
Homework- Period 1 no homework. Periods 5 and 6 complete map exercise
[file:Cold War Map 1 of 4.pdf]]

Wednesday April 22 – Cold War – Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Map exercise review (explanation for period 1)
Period 1 only: Explanation of unit’s end project - a collaborative, cross curriculum effort to create an animated cold war map where World History students will become experts in one aspect of the Cold War and IT design students will create a flash animated website and map as a Cold War reference site.
Period 5 and 6 will continue through the curriculum and will complete research projects after SOLs
Homework: finish cold war map exercise

Thursday April 23rd Better Dead Than Red
What You Should Know overview sheet provided and reviewed
Review map exercise
Notes provided on origins of cold war on PowerPoint Cold War Begins
Complete Origins of Cold War a fill in worksheet of notes
Homework compete worksheet 31.1 Cold War - WWII Aftermath

Friday April 24th Navigating the Icebergs of the Cold War
Complete worksheet Marshall Plan
Germany divided- Berlin airlift
NATO and Warsaw formed
Homework Complete worksheet 31.2 Cold War Origins of the Cold War and 31.3 Cold War Reconstruction Reform

Monday April 27th You Could Not be a Commie Lover and the Bomb Meant Duck and Cover
Mao Zedong Takes China
Red Scare in the US
Homework: Complete worksheet 32.2 Communist China and 31.4 Cold War United States. Quiz tomorrow

Tuesday April 28th The War Was Cold and the Heat Was On
Korean War, ANZUS, SEATO
Worksheet Predict Korea
Facts on Korea
Homework: 32.1 South Asia After Empire

Wednesday April 29th Lost in Space or the Race to the Moon
Eisenhower Doctrine
U2 Plane Shot Down
international space station
Cuban Missile crisis
Homework; Period 5 and 6 only - complete Cuban missile crisis worksheet

Thursday April 30th
Vietnam war
Period 5 and 6 will prepare for in class essay tomorrow on Vietnam
Homework: Period 5 and 6 prepare for in class essay on Vietnam tomorrow. Period 1 continue research

Friday May 1st
Period 1 will finish cold war unit in preparation for research collaboration project to begin next Monday the 4th of April
Period 5 and 6 will complete Vietnam essays
Homework: Period 5 and 6 - none. Period 1 have all research components ready for Monday

Monday May 4th
Period 1 must have research ready
Period 1 will need to access Turn it and complete the Self Evaluation form for project. In addition, please consult checklist found on original instructions.

Period 5 and 6 will examine SE Asian struggles
Access Nationalism in Asia Powerpoint and complete Asia Fill In Notes

Homework: Complete worksheet 32.4 Independence Struggles in SE Asia

Tuesday May 5th *Test on Thursday!
Official dissolution of USSR
Homework: Complete worksheet 33.3 Middle East Modern

April 13th- April 21st World War II - Tanks for the Memories
Monday April 13th
Liberating Europe
Homework: discuss with folks/adult and record comments. Discuss how the modern tool of DNA analysis is being used as a tool of discrimination in modern society.

Tuesday April 14th
Holocaust ppt
Holocaust movie
Affect on civilians
Homework: none

Wednesday April 15th
Pacific theatre
Homework-one page summary of Pacific theatre

Thursday April 15th
Attacks on civilians
Discussion of atomic bomb
Homework: Attacks on Civilians Headlines homework activity

Friday April 16th
Results of war
Homework: complete study guide – test on Tues the 21st

Monday April 20th
Review of study guide
review using chronology activity
Homework: study for test

March 30-April 3, 2008
Study Guide
THE BIG POWERPOINT ON WWII (if not here then look on SchoolSpace)
World War II
The student will demonstrate knowledge of the worldwide impact of World War II by
a) explaining economic and political causes, major events, and identifying leaders of the war, with emphasis on Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Douglas MacArthur, George Marshall, Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Hideki Tojo, and Hirohito
The student will demonstrate knowledge of the worldwide impact of World War II by
b) examining the Holocaust and other examples of genocide in the twentieth century.
The student will demonstrate knowledge of the worldwide impact of World War II by
c) explaining the terms of the peace, the war crimes trials, the division of Europe, plans to rebuild Germany and Japan, and the creation of international cooperative organizations.

Essential questions
What were the causes of World War II?
What were the major events of World War II?
Who were the major leaders of World War II?
Why did the Holocaust occur?
What are other examples of genocides in the twentieth century?
What were the outcomes of World War II?
What were the war crimes trials?
How did the Allies promote reconstruction of the defeated powers?
What were the international cooperative organizations created after World War II?

Monday March 30th - WWII
Turn in link or actual comic of Interwar Years
You should have completed the open book quiz on the Interwar Years
Hand out: What you should know
Review Powerpoint Causes of WWII
complete accompanying worksheet Causes of WWII
Homework: complete any unfinished classwork

Tuesday March 31st - WWII Tanks for the Memories
activity - game show - what would you do - the dictators.
notes on Nazi Soviet pact - complete mind map
Homework: complete any classwork incomplete - likely to be the mind map

Wednesday April 1st
Axis gains - phoney war - fall of France - Battle of Britain - US involvement - Atlantic Charter
Homework: TBA

Thursday April 2nd
activity - cartoons of WWII
Soviet Union and the US in the War
Homework: TBA

Friday April 3rd
WWII Poster Activity

March 13th until March 27th
The Interwar Years
Great Depression PowerPoint
Interwar France, UK, E Europe, Art PowerPoint
Interwar Italy and Germany
Interwar Russia
Interwar British Egypt and India
Interwar China
Interwar Years Japan

Standards to be met: Standards
10 The student will demonstrate knowledge of political, economic, social, and cultural developments during the Interwar Period by
a) describing the League of Nations and the mandate system
b) citing causes and assessing the impact of worldwide depression in the 1930s.
c) examining events related to the rise, aggression, and human costs of dictatorial regimes in the Soviet Union, Germany, Italy, and Japan, and identifying their major leaders, i.e. Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Hirohito, and Hideki Tojo.

Documents given to students of What They Should Know for this unit

Friday March 13th. Interwar Years
Students are to review the PowerPoint and make outline notes to turn in Monday March 16th

Monday March 16th Interwar Years
review Middle East - Mandate documents and answer the questions on a separate sheet of paper
Homework: finish classwork if necessary

Tuesday March 17th Interwar Years
we will produce a one page review/summary of yesterday's lecture notes
Great Worldwide Depression. Text chp 28 section 2
complete main ideas worksheet 28.2
Use and note Wall Street PowerPoint
Homework: create graphic organizer comparing/illustrating reactions and results of USSR, Germany, and US to the World Depression - foudn on worksheet labeled Attacking the Great Depression
Note: quiz on 28.2 on Thursday March 19th

Great Depression powerpoint is found above in general listing for this unit

Wednesday March 18th - Half Day - Teacher Planning- Interwar Years
we will produce a one page review/summary of yesterday's lecture notes
Political unrest in France. Complete Main Ideas Activity worksheet on 28.3
Homework: Quiz tomorrow on Great Depression

Ideas on Britian, France, E Europe, and art found in powerpoint posted above in general listings for this unit

Thursday March 19th - Interwar Years
we will produce a one page review/summary of yesterday's lecture notes
quiz 28.2 Great Depression
Cover Rise of Totalitarianism in Germany
Homework: Finish Graphic Organizer on comparing Germany and Italy

Friday March 20th - Interwar years
we will produce a one page review/summary of yesterday's lecture notes
USSR Rise of Dictatorship
complete 28.5 Main ideas activity sheet
Homework: produce a one page review/summary sheet on USSR material. Q

Monday March 23rd - Interwar Years
29.1 British Empire in Middle East
Homework: Quiz tomorrow on USSR. Make one page review/summary of 29.1 British Empire material

Tuesday March 24th - Interwar years
Quiz Russia
China in Interwar Years
Homework: make one page review/summary of China material

Wednesday March 25th -
special lecture - Rosie the Riveter

Thursday March 26th -
Japan Imperialism
Homework: prepare a one page summary/review of Japanese imperialism

Friday March 27th -
Create a comic strip addressing the Interwar Years: could World War II have been averted. Using your knowledge of our current unit and your studies to create a detailed explanation or illustration as to how one particular incident could have prevented World War II if it had been treated differently
Or you may simply draw a comic strip

You will also access the WH Interwar Years Open Note quiz on SchoolSpace secure testing and complete that assessment.


February 25th - March 10, 2009.*Due to inclement weather please take the time to carefully read updated assignments.
Scroll down under individual dates to review daily material, worksheets, Powerpoints, and homework assignments.
Topics: World War I

What Each Student Should Know
The student will demonstrate knowledge of the worldwide impact of World War I by
a) explaining economic and political causes, major events, and identifying major leaders of the war, with emphasis on Woodrow Wilson & Kaiser Wilhelm II;
b) explaining the outcomes and global effect of the war and the Treaty of Versailles.
c) citing causes and consequences of the Russian Revolution.
World War I
How The Story Goes
World War I (1914-1918) was caused by competition among industrial nations in Europe and a failure of diplomacy. The war transformed European and American life, wrecked the economies of Europe, and planted the seeds for a second world war.

What You Should Ask (and eventually answer)
What were the factors that produced World War I?

What were the major events of the war?

Who were the major leaders?

What were the outcomes and global effects of World War I?

What were the terms of the Treaty of Versailles?

Causes of World War I
Alliances that divided Europe into competing camps
Nationalistic feelings
Diplomatic failures
Competition over colonies

Major events
Assassination of Austria’s Archduke Ferdinand
United States enters war
Russia leaves the war

Major leaders
Woodrow Wilson
Kaiser Wilhelm II

Outcomes and global effects
Colonies’ participation in the war, which increased demands for independence
End of the Russian Imperial, Ottoman, German, and Austro-Hungarian empires
Enormous cost of the war in lives, property, and social disruption
Treaty of Versailles- Forced Germany to accept
guilt for war and loss of territory and pay
reparations this limited the German military

Revolution in Russia
How the Story Goes
Tsarist Russia entered World War I as an absolute monarchy with sharp class divisions between the nobility and peasants. The grievances of workers and peasants were not resolved by the Tsar. Inadequate administration in World War I led to revolution and an unsuccessful provisional government. A second revolution by the Bolsheviks created the communist state that
ultimately became the U.S.S.R.
What you should ask (and be able to eventually answer)
Why did Russia erupt in revolution while fighting in World War I?

How did communism rise in Russia?

Causes of 1917 revolutions
Defeat in war with Japan in 1905
Landless peasantry
Incompetence of Tsar Nicholas II
Military defeats and high casualties in World War I

Rise of communism
Bolshevik Revolution and civil war
Vladimir Lenin’s New Economic Policy
Lenin’s successor—Joseph Stalin

This information is provided to students

Thursday Feb. 26th
Test Nationalism
World War I intro. packet
Homework: complete packet

Friday Feb. 27th
Causes of WWI
Main causes worksheet
Homework: Make mini poster (8 x 11) on beginning of WWI

Monday March 2nd -Wednesday March 4th - snow!!

Thurs March 5th - Battles and Warfare
review of battles & Schlieffen plan
review of weapons
Homework- Battle of Somme worksheet

Friday March 6th Battles and Communism
WWI Battles Somme, Verdun
Recap notes with 27.3 worksheet
Homework- read text pp704-710. complete 1-4 pp 710

Monday March 9th Communism and End of the War
Russian revolution and communism recap with Scroll
end of war - Versailles
Homework- Communism scroll

Tues March 10th End of the war WRITING TEST PERIOD 1
end of the war -
Homework- complete end of war worksheet Peace Settlement- quiz tomorrow. Make sure to complete : read pp 714-723. complete 1-4 p. 717 and complete 1-4 p. 723

Wednesday March 11th poetry of WWI and review WRITING TEST PERIOD 1
poetry and review
quiz end of war
Homework: study for test

Thursday March 12th TEST on WWI

February 12th - February 24th.
Scroll down under individual dates to review daily material, worksheets, Powerpoints, and homework assignments.
Topics: Nationalism and Imperialism
Focus: The focus of this unit is on the complex relationship between nationalism and religion from 1850-1914. By studying these two great forces, students will be able to understand the tensions and boundaries that existed on the eve of World War I and the conflicts and changes that have continued through the twentieth century and into the twenty-first.
1. Define the concept of nationalism by analyzing examples of late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century nationalism in the Balkan peninsula and Egypt.

2. Analyze relationships between nationalism, religion, and imperialism.

3. Assess the importance of nationalism as a source of tension and conflict in the Ottoman empire.

4. Analyze social and political changes related to nationalism and religion in Japan and Egypt.

5. Describe reactions to Western expansion, focusing on the roles of nationalism and religion.

THE MAIN POWERPOINT FOR DISCUSSION Nationalism and Imperialism and Africa and on Extras of Imperialism

Thursday Feb. 12th - quiz reform and begin nationalism
quiz on reforms covered in chp 24 and chp 25
begin consideration of nationalism and imperialism by creating a working definition of nationalism through an examination of examples.
Homework: none

Friday Feb 13th - nationalism- creating a definition and examining India and Ottoman Empire as examples
creating time line of 5 events each for India and for Ottoman Empire from 1850-1914.
Homework: continue time line activity if not completed in class

Monday Feb. 16th -No school. Presidents holiday

Tuesday Feb. 17th - nationalism and imperialism - India, Ottoman Empire, Egypt, and Japan
compare and create master time line of India and Ottoman Empire prior 1914
comment either via voice thread or by written response to the following prompt: how has studying nationalism in the Ottoman empire and India expanded and/or contested your knowledge of nationalism from the previous lesson.Use class developed attributes of nationalism and specifics to support your comments or writing.
Click on the link below to access the Voicethread
Voice Thread on Nationalism in India and the Ottoman Empire
Homework: continue writing or comments assigned in class if not completed in class.

Wednesday Feb. 18th: Nationalism and imperialism in Japan and Egypt
continue examination of Japan and Egypt as effects of nationalism prior to 1914 and WWI
create venn diagram
Homework: Write a Dear Abbey letter from viewpoint of farmer, merchant, samurai, woman of Japan or peasant, moderate Muslim, or radical Muslim of 19th century ---express legitimate concern that a person of that time would have in the time of nationalism 1850-1914

Thursday Feb 19th - summarizing nationalism in Egypt
continue coverage of examining Egypt and nationalism 1848-1914
Begin examining race for Africa
Homework: none

Friday Feb 20th - Race for Africa Imperialism
continue examining Africa
Homework: read text pp 670-674 answer #1-4

Monday Feb 23rd -Race for Africa and summarization
examining imperialism and colonization of Africa
begin examining worksheets for test questions
Homework: begin review sections

Tuesday Feb. 24th -
summarization and review
video on panama canal
Homework: continue preparing reviews and study for test

Wednesday Feb 25th - review and intro WWI
review and perhaps intro WWI
Homework- study for test on nationalism

Thursday Feb 26th - Test Nationalism

February 3rd - February 12th.
Scroll down under individual dates to review daily material, worksheets, Powerpoints, and homework assignments.

Topics: Students are examining what seem to be disparate units of reform during the 19th century. Reform in Great Britain, U.S., France, Russia, Italy, Germany, and Austria Hungary. All work is in preparation for studying the next two units on Imperialism and World War I. Hopefully with the material contained within this unit on Reform and Revolt, students will see the foundations that inevitably led to the destruction of society and the environment as seen in World War I.
Students will work independently to turn in their project on Reform. The project is due in the beginning of class (1st 5 minutes only!) on Thursday Feb. 12th. There is an early bird credit given if the project is turned in by the end of class (and only in their class - not the end of the day) on Wednesday Feb. 11th.
The project counts as a test grade.
There will be a quiz on Thursday February 12th to assess basic knowledge of students.


January 16-January 26, 2009
Scroll down under individual dates to review daily material, worksheets, Powerpoints, and homework assignments.
Topics: Unification of Germany and Italy
Discussion of how to study for exam as well as opportunities for students to create individual study guides

Friday January 16 - Unification of Italy
map work
group work - charts breaking down text material on unification of Italy
general id and question worksheet given which will be due next week

Homework: students are expected to develop some type of basic outline/review of World History II to bring to class on Tuesday

Monday January 19th - holiday

Tuesday January 20th - Unification of Italy
review of student created study guide outlines
presentation and review of unification of Italy materials

Homework: students are to complete mind map as found on Powerpoint - this mind map should show the major elements of Italian unification

Wednesday January 21st - Substitute teacher. Unification of Germany
map of Germany
presentation of general information from Powerpoint on Unification of Germany and Italy - student accessed
students will again, in groups, chart the components of German unification

Homework: continue components of German unification. Continue to fill in exam study guide outlines

Thursday January 22nd - Unification of Germany
presentation and review of student generated information on Unification of Germany
review of Powerpoint on Unification of Germany and Italy

Homework:UPDATE: the underlined homework has been changed as of 1/22. There is no homework per se but all students should continue to review the most challenging aspects of their World History curriculum. We will update the Unification of Germany tomorrow in class. The quiz will be open note.

Old assignment that will be completed in class.compete chart on Germany as assigned on Powerpoint. Study for quiz on Italian and German unification to be given tomorrow. Continue to review for exams.

Friday January 23rd
quiz on Unification of Germany and Italy

continue review for exams
Homework: review for exams

Monday January 26
review for exams

January 5 - January 15, 2009
Scroll down under individual dates to review daily material, worksheets, Powerpoints, and homework assignments.
Topics: Congress of Vienna (post Napoleon) and Industrial Revolution
Essential Questions:How does man's ideas/inventions alter civilization?
Standards: WHII 8a and 8b

Monday January 5 Congress of Vienna
Conservatives in Control
Recap fill in the blank notes
Exit Ticket

Homework: Quiz tomorrow - Review with 21.5 Main Ideas worksheet (retrieve from Schoolspace)

Tuesday January 6 Congress of Vienna and Industrial Revolution
Review homework
Intro Industrial Revolution with Intro to Industrialization worksheet - 2 pages

Homework: may have to complete Intro to Industrialization worksheets from class

Wednesday January 7 Industrial Revolution - Why England?
Clarify with Industrialization outline questions
Notes on Industrialization via Powerpoint (no videos on this posting)

Note: this powerpoint is too large for this site - you will need to access it through SchoolSpace
Homework: none

Thursday January 8 Industrial Revolution - Cause and Effect
understanding cause and effect
watch video Connections in order to further clarify cause and effect of Industrial Revolution

Homework: complete Graphic Organizer (GO) on Flow of Industry Cause and Effect (needs to be retrieved from schoolspace)

Friday January 9 Industrial Revolution & Likely to have a substitute as Debate team travels to GW University
Worksheet handout of basic summary of Industrial Revolution provided to students
Examine 2 primary sources: Child Labor and Response to Industrial Revolution
Critical Thinking Activity: Complete Triangle worksheet where student compares Industrial Revolution to other abstract ideas

Homework: NOTE 01/08/09 Critical Thinking Triangle Activity will be completed in class on Monday the 12th.

Monday January 12 Industrial Revolution - New Ideas and Organizations
Review worksheets I and II
Examine primary source Jeremy Betham
New corporations and socialism

Homework: OCritical Thinking Triangle activity

Tuesday January 13 Industrial Revolution TEST?
New corporations and socialism

Homework: complete Worksheet Review Reform Economics

Wednesday January 14 Industrial Revolution
Review material
note: no study guide as it is now time for students to learn how to study material independently.

Homework: Study for test

Thursday January 15 Industrial Revolution TEST

November 17 - through December 19, 2008
Scroll down under individual dates to review daily material, worksheets, Powerpoints, and homework assignments.
Topic: American and French Revolution
Essential Questions: How did social and intellectual changes lead to political and economic change?
WHII.6 The student will demonstrate knowledge of scientific, political, economic, and religious changes during the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries by
- explaining the political, religious, and social ideas of the Enlightenment and the ways in which they influenced the founders of the United States;
- describing the French Revolution;
- identifying the impact of the American and French Revolutions on Latin America;

Monday November 17 - finish project assigned Nov. 13th. Due Tuesday Nov. 18th. Early bird specials apply if turned in prior to class on Tuesday.

Homework: Project

Tuesday November 18 - - finish project assigned Nov. 13th. Due Tuesday Nov. 18th. Early bird specials apply if turned in prior to class on Tuesday.

Homework: Read handout on American revolution. Complete questions.

Wednesday November 19- American Revolution.
Fill in notes using PowerPoint notes

Homework: complete comic or timeline or other student choice visual as indicated in notes on the progress of the American Revolution.

Thursday November 20 - American Revolution
Continue notes on American Revolution
Homework- may have to complete exit ticket comment on Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine and unity in America

Friday November 21 - American Revolution
last of notes on American Revolution
Homework: complete 2 headlines activity. Read into French Revolution with text and handout. We will be quizzing upon return next week

Monday November 24 - American Revolution
create moving summarizations
Review major concepts - Bring one- Get one activity
Students create study guide for test tomorrow

Homework: Study for test tomorrow

Tuesday November 25 - American Revolution and Timelines TEST ON AMERICAN REVOLUTION
Short test on American Revolution
Begin timeline activity- Due Wed upon completion of class

homework: none though we will be using time tomorrow to complete timeline activity. That will be due end of class on Wed.

Wednesday November 26 - EARLY RELEASE DAY - Timelines
complete and turn in timeline activity of yesterday.
Homework: read the French Revolution packet given in class. Read only to the Rise and Fall of Napoleon. Complete a "backwards summary" of the French Revolution. In other words, begin at the last event, tell me what happened before that, what happened before that, etc. It is vitally important that students understand the chronology of the French Revolution events as it is a complicated, dense subject. In this assignment you may use simple sentences, bullet format, or arrows between sentences.

Monday December 1 French Revolution
turn in assigned activity from last Wed: the backwards summary
activity: organize time line information in the "chunk" overview worksheet
notes on the causes of the Fr. Revolution
notes on the causes of the Fr Rev.(page 1)
notes on the causes of the Fr. Rev (page 2)
Homework: Peasant cartoon and fill in 4 causes of the Revolution *please check on that date as this piece may not be assigned according to what is covered in class. Homework might be to finish the Causes of the Revolution.

Tuesday December 2 French Revolution
Review knowledge of beginning of the Fr Rev with tennis court worksheet
Notes on the Reign of Terror

Classwork/Homework: The Revolution Begins worksheet

Wednesday December 3 French Revolution
Notes and worksheet of Reign of Terror

Homework: Complete Reign of Terror and quiz tomorrow

Thursday December 4 French Revolution
Finish Reign of Terror
Homework - none

Friday December 5 French Revolution
Complete master time line worksheet

Begin overview of France in 1795

Homework: Complete overview worksheet of France in 1795

Monday December 8 French Revolution
Begin covering the Rise of Napoleon
Complete worksheet on Rise of Napoleon

Homework:may finish rise of napoleon worksheet if not completed in class

Tuesday December 9 Napoleon
investigate changes under Napoleon

Homework: may finish changes under Napoleon worksheet if not completed in class

Wednesday December 10 conclude Napoleon
investigate military conquest and defeat

Homework: TBA

Thursday December 11 comparison Fr and American Rev
will begin developing essay
Essay prompt: To what degree where the American and French revolutions successful in reaching their goals.
Homework: TBA

Friday December 12 examine good essay structure
develop thesis and introduction paragraph in class
Homework: rough outline of essay due Monday 15th

Monday December 15 essay writing
Matrix comparing Fr and Am Revolutions

peer review of essay
Homework: essay due Thursday Dec. 18th

Tuesday December 16 essay due thur -test thur
review for test

Homework: test Thursday Dec 18th -

Wednesday December 17 essay and review

Homework: test tomorrow - essay due

Thursday December 18
time to edit essay work
Homework: due to change in schedules due to the assembly, students may wait to turn in their essays tomorrow Friday. We will continue to offer peer review and teacher edit.

Friday December 19
Have a nice holiday - no homework.

November 7,2008 - November 18, 2008
Scroll down under individual dates to review daily material, worksheets, Powerpoints, and homework assignments.
WHII.6 Students will demonstrate knowledge of scientific, political, economic, and religious changes during the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries.
WHII.6c assessing the impacts of the English Civil War and Glorious Revolution on democracy
WHII.6d explaining the political, religious, and social ideas of the Enlightenment and the ways in which they influenced the founders of the USWHII.6g describing the expansion of the arts, philosophy, literature, and new technolog

Unit on Enlightenment and Revolution
Friday Nov. 7 - English Civil War and Constitutional Monarchy
Students will complete the English Civil War worksheet using their text pp.478-482

Homework: quiz on 20.1 and 20.2 on Tuesday Nov. 11th (early release day)

Monday Nov. 10 - English Civil War and Constitutional Monarch
Worksheet 20.2
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Homework- study for quiz on 20.1 and 20.2 tomorrow

Tuesday Nov 11 - Early Release. English Civil War and Constitutional Monarch
quiz 20.1 and 20.2
Homework: none

Wednesday Nov 12 - English Colonial Expansion
complete worksheet summary

Homework - mind map of British Colonial Expansion

Thursday Nov 13 Enlightenment
Animoto Video for introduction
Project test introduced. Due Tues 18th. Early Bird will apply
General activities introducing the Enlightenment

Homework finish the Enlightenment Time line

Friday Nov 14 Enlightenment
Homework project

Monday Nov 17** Enlightenment
Homework project