· Analyze an area of domestic or foreign policymaking of the U.S. gov’t, including the history of policymaking area and current policy status and its impact on the American public.

· Demonstrate mastery of the policy area researched through the creation and presentation of a wikipage on that policy area.

· In a class presentation explain the policymaking process, including all three branches of gov’t and the role of outside interest groups

· Develop suggestions for reform or change in current policy and articulate those proposals in a well-reasoned proposal
Project Assignment
1. With a partner, research the assigned domestic or foreign policy topic and create the wikipage assigned below with the following:
· Brief history of policymaking in this area
· Legislative, executive, and judicial policymaking actions
· Discussion of interrelated activity by the three branches demonstrating an understanding of the role of each branch in policymaking and the flow of policymaking through the three branches- you are encouraged to add graphics to this discussion to clarify the process as appropriate (i.e. take a specific policy in your chosen area and track the process of policymaking through the 3 branches of gov’t and the bureaucracy)
· Role of non-governmental groups on the policy process (identify the non-gov’t groups discussed)
· Political cartoon or other graphics showing commentary on policy area
· Impact of policymaking actions on the American public
· Current status of policy decisions
· Analysis of current policy, including recommendations for change and/or improvement.
2. Create a handout for the class summarizing your information to be used during your presentation.
3. Works cited resources are to be included on the wikipage.

Assigned Policy Areas
1. Health care by Brandon K and Joanna K
2. Poverty and welfare by Matthew B and Amy L
3. Immigration by Quinn B and Robert E
4. Crime (could include terrorism) by Jack C and Emily S
5. Environment by Austin H and Julie H
6. Energy by John C and Shanna S
7. Monetary or fiscal policy by Zachary E and Kate L
8. Terrorism by Merideth F and Wenhao L
9. Social security by Lindsey J and Max N
10. National security (could include terrorism) by Arjunt K and Caroline L
11. Foreign trade by Elizabeth L and Alex Y

12. Consumer Policy by Sam R and Ajay S