As the Lineberry text points out, today's political campaigns have become more media oriented and far more expensive while the campaigns themselves have split into two major events: the campaign for nomination and the campaign for election. American campaigns are easily the most open and democratic in the world, but they also extraordinarily long.

On this wiki page your group will examine, discuss, and critique your assigned aspects of this grueling campaign process. It is expected that you will discuss thoroughly the textbook information and then go beyond the text in presenting a more thorough, current evaluation of the subject. Updated material and analysis is expected as well as variety of formatted information.

I have included a How-To page for instructions on logging in, editing, as well as other tips and tricks in creating a wiki. Please begin with an examination of this introductory material. Each group will be responsible for the production of a particular page topic. Links to those pages are listed below. You may begin formatting those pages once you have registered.
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Our discussion:

NOTE: I am including materials to bolster your research and wiki page development.
A supplemental reading by Larry Sabato which addresses the topic of political campaigns. This reading is of the caliber which I expect you to incorporate into your wiki.
NY Times article on 527s

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